Bass Hall Performing Arts Fort Worth

Location: Fort Worth, TX
GC: Linbeck Construction
Fabricator: Steel Service Corporation
Engineer of Record: Walter P. Moore
Architect of Record: David M. Schwarz/ Architectural Services
Floor Area: 180,750 sq. ft.
Roof Area: 60,250 sq. ft.
Tonnage: 1,800 Tons
Comments: Erection of Performing Arts Hall located in downtown Fort Worth, TX. Due to jobsite location project had limited access, the majority of the project was erected with our erection crane set-up in the footprint of the building. Main Roof was framed with three major roof trusses. Multiple levels of framing were required for balconies and mezzanines.From the Modern Steel Construction article about the project, “Creativity, thoroughness and accuracy of structural documentation allowed the structural frame to be completed on schedule and within budget. The frame was topped out only ten months after the start of construction, and structural change orders amounted to less than one percent of the frame cost.