Love Field

Location: Dallas, TX
GC: Hensel Phelps Construction
Fabricator: Irwin Steel
Glulam Fabricator: Unit Structures
Engineer of Record: LA Fuess
Architect of Record: Corgan Associates
Roof Area: 453,500 sq. ft.
Tonnage: 2,500 Tons
Comments: Four stages – Concourse Phase 1, Ticketing & Terminal Phase 1, Concourse Phase 2, Baggage. Concourse, Ticketing, and Baggage consisted of steel frame and GluLam erection with 7.5” Epic deck on the GluLams. Terminal phase was a renovation of the existing terminal which included strengthening existing members as well as adding mezzanines. BSE performed structural steel and deck, GluLam erection, and miscellaneous metals installation. The full airport will be open in October of 2014.