Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts

Location: Mansfield, TX
GC: Byrne Construction Services
Fabricator: Irwin Steel
Engineer of Record: Jaster Quintanilla
Architect of Record: Huckabee Architects
Floor Area: 142,000 sq. ft.
Seating Capacity: 6,000 seats
Tonnage: 3,250 Tons
Comments: Heavy truss work – center truss weighing over 300,000 lbs.  Trusses built on a series of falsework towers to carry the roof.  Seating made up of steel rakers and risers with slab on metal deck.  Two of the three main trusses over the auditorium also held operable partitions that were able to divide the space into three areas for simultaneous events.  We performed all steel work onsite – structural and miscellaneous.