Winspear Opera House

Location: Dallas, TX
GC: Linbeck
Fabricator: W&W Steel Company
Engineer of Record: Thornton Tomasetti
Architect of Record: Kendall/Heaton Associates
Floor Area: 55,500 sq. ft.
Roof Area: 166,500 sq. ft.
Tonnage: 2,341 Tons
Comments: Erection took place in two phases: Building Shell and Canopy Structure. Building was erected primarily with tower cranes. Main Auditorium Roof is framed with trusses bearing on cast-in-place concrete bowl walls approximately 90ft tall. Canopy/Sunshade structure wraps the main building with a footprint of three acres. A portion of the canopy structure is framed with built-up plate girders spanning 160 weighing close to 1,000 lbs/ft.

A portion of the sunshade is oriented over a below grade parking garage capable of supporting only HS20 highway loads. Special erection schemes were required to place erection cranes over the garage without exceeding the final design loads.