Dee and Charles Wyly Theater

Location: Dallas, TX
GC: McCarthy
Fabricator: W&W Steel Company
Engineer of Record: Magnusson Klemencic
Architect of Record: Kendal/Heaton Assoc.
Floor Area: 10 levels / 100′ X 100′
Roof Area: 100’X100′
Tonnage: 860 tons
Comments: 600 seats in a 132-foot-tall structure standing on a footprint of only 100’ x 94’, the Wyly Theater in Dallas represents what “ENR” referred to as a “gravity-defying birdcage on concrete stilts.”Three Dimensional cube structure framed with a conglomeration of steel trusses and cast-in-place vertical and battered concrete columns. Concrete shear wall on one face adds stability to the other three faces whose corners are cantilevered in space. Additional lateral support is provided by use of vertical exterior trusses.Two main cross trusses frame into the shear wall and battered columns. The building has 10 floors above ground and 3 floors below grade. Due to weight and reach constraints adjacent to the below grade structure, false work was employed to erect the trusses.

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