Project Management and Supervision

Superior Project Management & Field Supervision

One facet of how our customers have come to trust in the estimates and final results of our steel construction is through Bosworth Steel Erectors’ dedication to detail and management at each step in the process.

Each project is assigned an individual, full-time project manager dedicated to proactive solutions from inception to final close-out. We support every client’s schedule and quality requirements with “hands on,” constant communication with the field for effective production and job management.

On the project site, we are proud to have the best supervisory team in the business, ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met, while insisting on a safe environment for everyone on the site.

Our field supervisors are assigned to specific projects based on their particular “specialty,” which means your project has an expert with years of experience.

As Union Ironworkers, our supervisors are trained in accredited programs and continually expand their knowledge with the latest technology available on the market.

Every construction project is only as good as the people behind the work. Call Bosworth Steel Erectors and ask us about our project management and field supervision. We believe you’ll find a positive difference!

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