Project Estimating

Accurate Project Estimates

At Bosworth Steel Erectors, we understand that you need more than a “project estimate;” you need an accurate steel construction budget estimate that can be relied on from project planning through completion.

More than a century of steel erection experience is utilized by our in-house team to estimate and bid erection contracts. Typical estimates involve review of types of construction, proposed site access, required equipment and manpower demands, project constraints, construction schedule and duration.

Once projects are committed, our team works closely between departments to ensure the constant and effective communication necessary for successful project delivery. Our Estimating personnel complete the bidding/procurement process with reviewing and negotiating the subcontract documents prior to a formal turnover meeting with Estimating and the Project Management personnel to review the project through all phases of completion.

We understand that our work for our customers begins even before a project is awarded. Call and ask about how our unique approach to accurate project estimates can save you time and money on your next project.

Bosworth Steel Erectors, Inc.