Value Beyond Price

Value Beyond The Price

In the days when projects were primarily “Design-Bid-Build,” individual elements were commonly awarded to each lowest-price bidder, with little regard to how this approach could actually lead to higher overall project costs.

From the beginning, Bosworth Steel Erectors has focused on providing customers value beyond the bid price – from pre-construction planning and engineering services to our dedication to maintaining the highest level of technological tools in the industry and ability to engage in collaborative-delivery construction methods.

The result for our customers has been consistently successful projects, frequently completed ahead of schedule and with an overall cost savings for the project. Our approach to bidding and construction means that all project partners win, from the owner to the GC to the individual trades on the site.

Call us and discover how Bosworth Steel Erectors delivers value well beyond the bid price for steel construction projects of any size – and can help your next project save time and money, and ultimately be a positive, successful experience!

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